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Sternfeld, Joel Article on his work at Sarah Lawrence in color photography (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 23
Sternfeld, Joel On leave in California; exhibit representing work done in California (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1989 27
Sternfeld, Joel Recent awards Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1990 26
Sternfeld, Joel Featured in an article on his photography and how it evolves Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 2-7
Sternfeld, Joel Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 27
Sternfeld, Joel Awarded tenure Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 14
Sternfeld, Joel Recent projects and publications Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 44
Sternfeld, Joel Recent book published and photograph from On This Site Sarah Lawrence Fall 1996 22
Sternfeld, Joel Recent exhibitions and publications Sarah Lawrence Fall 1996 25
Sternfeld, Joel Recent exhibitions Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 30
Sternfeld, Joel Recent exhibition Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 27
Sternfeld, Joel Recent exhibitions Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 25
Sternfeld, Joel Looks over Leza Johnson's work with Susan Meiselas (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 26
Sternfeld, Joel Photography on display at Museum of Modern Art (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 27
Sternfeld, Joel Alec Soth remembers his teacher, Sternfeld, in an article on Soth's work as a photographer (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2000 36
Sternfeld, Joel Featured in an article on technology in education Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 6-9
Sternfeld, Joel Photograph by Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 21
Sternfeld, Joel Recent exhibit Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 37
Sternfeld, Joel Photographic essay of September 11th tragedy Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 32-33
Sternfeld, Joel Recent exhibit Sarah Lawrence Spring 2002 37
Sternfeld, Joel Featured in American Photo magazine Sarah Lawrence Spring 2003 33
Sternfeld, Joel Photograph, "A Young Man Gathering Shopping Carts, Huntington, New York, July 1993" Sarah Lawrence Summer 2003 36-37
Sternfeld, Joel Interview on special series of exhibitions of young and emerging artists at the Barbara Walters Gallery Sarah Lawrence Winter 2006 8
Sternfeld, Joel Organized alumnae/i panel to speak about their art and social and political concerns Sarah Lawrence Spring 2008 38-39