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Rubin, William Summary of lecture at Alumnae College, "The New American Painting" Alumnae/I Magazine Vol. 25 # 3 Spring 1960 18
Rubin, William Published "Modern Sacred Art and the Church of Assy" Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 28 # 3 Spring 1963 18
Rubin, William Collected sculptures for campus Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 31 # 2 Winter 1966 inside front cover
Rubin, William Faculty participating in Alumnae College program Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 31 # 2 Winter 1966 29
Rubin, William Coordinating special art program for students Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 3 # 1 December 1973 1
Rubin, William Lecture at the National Gallery of Art for the 50th anniversary (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1979 7
Rubin, William Elected to Board of Trustees Sarah Lawrence Bulletin November 1979 4
Rubin, William Profile of (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1980 2
Rubin, William Retired from Board of Trustees Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 26
Rubin, William Noble lecture on the role of sculpture in 20th century art (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 32
Rubin, William Member of the Art Gallery Board Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 24-25
Rubin, William Inaugural lecturer for the Noble Chair Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 2
Rubin, William Recipient of honorary doctorate (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 20-21