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Roosevelt, Frank Co-teaching "Process and Dynamics in Economic Systems" with Joyce Riegelhaupt (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin November 1979 3
Roosevelt, Frank Current project Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1980 7
Roosevelt, Frank Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Bulletin March 1981 7
Roosevelt, Frank Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1982 15
Roosevelt, Frank Participant in the Sarah Lawrence Forum Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 16
Roosevelt, Frank Suggested readings from his course, "American Capitalism in Crisis" Classes Spring 1984 40
Roosevelt, Frank Recently chaired a conference (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 22
Roosevelt, Frank Awarded tenure Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 4
Roosevelt, Frank At Board of Trustees meeting approving three-year capital campaign (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1988 2
Roosevelt, Frank Retirement as Faculty Trustee Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1988 6
Roosevelt, Frank Participant in seminar on Citizenship in the American Polity (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1988 42-43
Roosevelt, Frank Participant in 1990 faculty show (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1990 14-15
Roosevelt, Frank Partial list of conference projects from his economics class Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1992 19
Roosevelt, Frank Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1992 24
Roosevelt, Frank Recent research and publication Sarah Lawrence 1993 24
Roosevelt, Frank (photo in classroom) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 inside back cover
Roosevelt, Frank Recent publications Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 43
Roosevelt, Frank Participant in round table of faculty on activism (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 8-12
Roosevelt, Frank Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 30
Roosevelt, Frank Article on publication of his new book Understanding Capitalism (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2005 33
Roosevelt, Frank Recent lecture (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2008 15
Roosevelt, Frank Received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the New School for Social Research Sarah Lawrence Fall 2010 15
Roosevelt, Frank Lectured at The Friend Memorial Public Library Sarah Lawrence Spring 2010 15
Roosevelt, Frank Tribute in honor of his retirement (photos) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2011 6