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Rengers, Micheal At Perfect Weekend 1988 (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1988 65
Rengers, Micheal Participant in the Faculty on the Road/Alumnae/i Association Cabaret in Los Angeles Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 21
Rengers, Micheal Emcee of Students for Student Scholarship Auction (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 27
Rengers, Micheal Featured in a dialogue on the new Heimbold Visual Arts Center (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 31-33
Rengers, Micheal At private tour of the Santa Monica Museum of Art (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2003 35
Rengers, Micheal Commenting on landscaping around campus Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2005 5
Rengers, Micheal Member of the Sarah Lawrence contingent at the Environmental Consortium of Hudson Valley Colleges and Universities (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2007 28
Rengers, Micheal Comments on efficiency of Warren Green Sarah Lawrence Spring 2009 29
Rengers, Micheal Tribute on his retirement (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2010 6