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Paley, Grace Published book, "The Little Disturbances of Man" Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 33 # 2 Winter 1968 17
Paley, Grace Faculty in the writing program Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 33 # 2 Winter 1968 inside front cover
Paley, Grace Spoke to New York Club on "The Artist's Responsibility in Today's Society" Alumnae/i Magazine Spring 1971 12
Paley, Grace Reading for Philadelphia club Sarah Lawrence Bulletin September 1976 7
Paley, Grace On the 50th anniversary panel for "The Writer and Political Commitment" Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1979 7
Paley, Grace Participant on panel at Writer's Conference in honor of Muriel Rukeyser Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1979 6
Paley, Grace Recipient of citation in fiction from Brandeis University Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1979 5
Paley, Grace Reading for alumnae/i Sarah Lawrence Bulletin December 1980 11
Paley, Grace Recent award Sarah Lawrence Bulletin February 1980 2
Paley, Grace Recent honorary degree awarded Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Fall 1982 15
Paley, Grace Release of book of poetry Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 19
Paley, Grace Reading on campus sponsored by the Friends of the Library Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 22
Paley, Grace Reading during the Women's History colloquium of U.S. and Indian women scholars Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 12-13
Paley, Grace Article on being awarded a senior fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 33
Paley, Grace Named New York State Author (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 1987 25
Paley, Grace Retirement Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1991 8
Paley, Grace On advisory board for One Meadway Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 10
Paley, Grace Featured in article on Community of Writers Program Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 2-5
Paley, Grace Article on the establishment of the Grace Paley Scholarship Fund for undergraduate writing students and poem, Fear Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 9
Paley, Grace Speaker during the 20th anniversary celebration of the Women's History Program Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 19
Paley, Grace Participant in first Summer Seminar for Writers (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 18
Paley, Grace Participant in tribute to Jane Cooper (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 42
Paley, Grace New book, The Collected Short Stories Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 24
Paley, Grace Poems, How to Tell a Story: My Method, Most of the Time and Hand-Me-Downs Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 17
Paley, Grace Article on a tribute to her at SLC (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 16-17
Paley, Grace Photo of seminar 1975 Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 7
Paley, Grace Reading for the Fall Reading Series (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 2004 8
Paley, Grace In Memoriam article (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2007 25
Paley, Grace In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Fall 2007 39
Paley, Grace Alumnae/i memories of Grace Paley (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2011 53
Paley, Grace New documentary, "Grace Paley: Collected Shorts," featuring Alice Walker, Allan Gurganus, Leora Skolkin Smith, and Eva Kollisch (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2011 53