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Kaplan, Shirley Co-director for The Sneaker Players Alumnae/i Magazine Spring 1971 15
Kaplan, Shirley Co-teacher for "Workshop in Making Things Up" (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Spring 1971 2, 4
Kaplan, Shirley Conceived and directed the play "Ripped Edges" Alumnae/i Magazine Summer 1973 18-19
Kaplan, Shirley Presented workshop at Alumnae/i College on "Humanistic Traditions in Contemporary Theatre" (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 18
Kaplan, Shirley Recent projects and productions (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 23
Kaplan, Shirley Participant in Playwriting Celebration and Symposium Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 27
Kaplan, Shirley Excerpt from review of her production of Men Without Dates; and other recent projects Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 26
Kaplan, Shirley Director for the Arachne Company Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 26-27
Kaplan, Shirley Writer and director of "HITOPS in Wonderland" (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1988 39-40
Kaplan, Shirley Speaker at the 1989 Lynd colloquium Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1989 30
Kaplan, Shirley Directed the performance for the Evening at Sea benefit Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1989 22
Kaplan, Shirley Article on her new position as director of the theatre department (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1990 22
Kaplan, Shirley Co-director of 1990 faculty show Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1990 14-15
Kaplan, Shirley Article on the educational film she directed, Rockabye Baby Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 22
Kaplan, Shirley Featured in an article on the changing shape of the theatre and her work in it Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 2-7
Kaplan, Shirley Awarded tenure Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1991 8
Kaplan, Shirley Directed play, Big Frame Shakin' Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1992 26
Kaplan, Shirley Recent production Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 27
Kaplan, Shirley Recent productions Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1994 26
Kaplan, Shirley Recent workshop and productions Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 44
Kaplan, Shirley Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 29
Kaplan, Shirley Speaker at event for prospective students and alumnae/i in Chicago Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 28
Kaplan, Shirley Director of Theatre Outreach Program Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 20
Kaplan, Shirley Recent productions Sarah Lawrence Winter 1997 27
Kaplan, Shirley Director of First Night, performed during President Myers' inauguration Sarah Lawrence Fall 1998 4-5
Kaplan, Shirley Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 26
Kaplan, Shirley Featured in article on the theatre department (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 19
Kaplan, Shirley New faculty trustee Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 3
Kaplan, Shirley Director of Faculty on the Road/Alumnae/i Association Cabaret in Los Angeles Sarah Lawrence Summer 2000 21
Kaplan, Shirley Statement on her art in reaction to September 11th Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 27
Kaplan, Shirley (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2001 21
Kaplan, Shirley Recent directed The Coffee Tree Sarah Lawrence Spring 2001 22
Kaplan, Shirley Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Spring 2002 36
Kaplan, Shirley Conducted seminar for Faculty on the Road (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2003 42
Kaplan, Shirley Retired as Faculty Trustee Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2004 8
Kaplan, Shirley Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Winter 2004 38
Kaplan, Shirley Presented at Poets House event Sarah Lawrence Winter 2005 36
Kaplan, Shirley Identified mystery photo Sarah Lawrence Spring 2010 67