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Hurlin, Dan Article on his teaching strategies in the theatre and his new opera, The Shoulder (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 24-25
Hurlin, Dan Recent performance Sarah Lawrence Spring 2000 20
Hurlin, Dan Article about his work with Puppet Central Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 11
Hurlin, Dan Statement on his art in reaction to September 11th Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2001 25
Hurlin, Dan New work Sarah Lawrence Spring 2001 22
Hurlin, Dan Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Spring 2002 36
Hurlin, Dan Featured in an article on humor Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 23
Hurlin, Dan Recipient of Guggenheim Fellowship Sarah Lawrence Summer 2002 40
Hurlin, Dan Participant in discussion on relationship between sexual identity and creativity (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2003 26-30
Hurlin, Dan Recent awards (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 2005 44
Hurlin, Dan Article about the creation of the Collage and Sculpture Workshop and the children's theatre group The Green Sensations (photo) Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2006 34-35
Hurlin, Dan Faculty profile (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2008 8
Hurlin, Dan Assisted in production of dance piece by Kathy Westwater Sarah Lawrence Spring 2009 15