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Howe, Tina Participant in Playwriting Celebration and Symposium Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 27
Howe, Tina Showing of film, Coastal Disturbances, at Perfect Weekend 1987 Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 13
Howe, Tina Response to question, How do you create? (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 1990 8
Howe, Tina Excerpt from informal talk to students on writing in New York Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 19
Howe, Tina Interview with Jane Alexander on Alexander's life and work Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1994 2-5
Howe, Tina New book in the library Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1994 44
Howe, Tina Participant at 20th anniversary celebration of Friends of the Library (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 21
Howe, Tina New book published Sarah Lawrence Winter 1997 29
Howe, Tina At reunion with Jane Alexander (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2008 42
Howe, Tina Collaborates with Jane Alexander on Chasing Manet (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2009 3
Howe, Tina Article about her personal and professional relationship with Jane Alexander (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall 2009 22-25