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Cooper, Jane (photo) Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 20 # 2 May 1955 12-17
Cooper, Jane Poems by, "The Builder of Houses," "A Little Vesper" Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 30 # 2 Winter 1965 7
Cooper, Jane Faculty in the writing program Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 33 # 2 Winter 1968 inside front cover
Cooper, Jane Reads poetry at a Washington D.C. Club meeting Alumnae/i Magazine Spring 1971 12
Cooper, Jane Participated on panel for innovative programs Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 3 # 1 December 1973 5
Cooper, Jane Contributed to "Dream Auction" to benefit scholarship fund Alumnae/i Magazine Summer 1974 1
Cooper, Jane Included on board for new college press Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 4 # 1 January 1975 5
Cooper, Jane Editor for poetry booklet Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Vol. 4 # 1 January 1975 5
Cooper, Jane Recent reading and publication Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1979 9
Cooper, Jane Recent award, publications, and readings Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1979 11
Cooper, Jane Recipient of Shelley Award of the Poetry Society of America Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1979 5
Cooper, Jane Recent reading Sarah Lawrence Bulletin November 1979 7
Cooper, Jane Gift to the Library Sarah Lawrence Bulletin February 1980 5
Cooper, Jane Speaker at Muriel Rukeyser tribute Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1980 6
Cooper, Jane Recent reading, publication and guest position Sarah Lawrence Bulletin May 1980 7
Cooper, Jane Featured in a series on graduate programs at SLC (photo) Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1982 4-5
Cooper, Jane Recent award Sarah Lawrence Bulletin April 1982 15
Cooper, Jane Recent publications and readings Sarah Lawrence Bulletin January 1982 18
Cooper, Jane Speaker at Horace Gregory memorial service Sarah Lawrence Bulletin Spring 1983 3
Cooper, Jane With Adrienne Rich (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 10
Cooper, Jane Transcript of commencement address "A Few Things I Have Been Saving to Tell You" Sarah Lawrence Summer 1985 12-15
Cooper, Jane Recent publication, lectures and travels Sarah Lawrence Winter 1985 21
Cooper, Jane New publication Sarah Lawrence Summer 1986 18
Cooper, Jane Recent award and publication Sarah Lawrence Winter 1986 22
Cooper, Jane Article on her retirement celebration and the establishment of the Jane Cooper Scholarship Fund (photo); poem, The Blue Anchor Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1987 30-31
Cooper, Jane Retirement Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1991 8
Cooper, Jane Featured in article on Community of Writers Program Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1991 2-5
Cooper, Jane Participant in first Summer Seminar for Writers (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 18
Cooper, Jane Reading for the 20th anniversary celebration of the Women's History Program (photo) Sarah Lawrence Fall/Winter 1993 19
Cooper, Jane Tribute to held at Poets House for 70th birthday and publication of Green Notebook, Winter Road (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 42
Cooper, Jane Named State Poet of New York and poem, Ordinary Detail (photo) Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 24-25
Cooper, Jane New book of poetry, Green Notebook, Winter Road Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 23
Cooper, Jane Recent publications Sarah Lawrence Fall 2000 28
Cooper, Jane Recent publication Sarah Lawrence Summer 2001 30
Cooper, Jane Quote on small classes at SLC Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 26
Cooper, Jane Photo Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 29
Cooper, Jane Tribute to Jane Cooper (photos) Sarah Lawrence Winter 2004 8
Cooper, Jane In Memoriam article (photo) Sarah Lawrence Spring 2008 32
Cooper, Jane In Memoriam Sarah Lawrence Spring 2008 45