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Child, Abigail Recent video releases, publications and lectures Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1992 24
Child, Abigail Recent publications, exhibitions, awards and projects Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1994 25
Child, Abigail Recipient of Fulbright Fellowship Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 13
Child, Abigail Recent reading and publication Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 43
Child, Abigail New book, Scattered Matrix Sarah Lawrence Summer 1996 26
Child, Abigail New book of poetry, Mob Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 23
Child, Abigail Recent award Sarah Lawrence Winter 1996 25
Child, Abigail New book, Scatter Matrix, published Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 23
Child, Abigail Recent projects Sarah Lawrence Summer 1997 24
Child, Abigail Recent publications, fellowship and lectures Sarah Lawrence Winter 1997 26
Child, Abigail Recent projects and awards Sarah Lawrence Summer 1998 26