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Bates Hall Bates Hall Alumnae/i Magazine Vol. 1 # 2 February 1936 5
Bates Hall Alternative student art gallery launched in Bates Art Lounge Sarah Lawrence Spring 1984 9
Bates Hall Post office photographs with students from 1948 and 1988 (photos) Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1988 18-19
Bates Hall New computer laboratory in Bates Hall for scientific studies Sarah Lawrence Spring/Summer 1995 41
Bates Hall Photos of science laboratory in the 1930s, exterior in the 1930s, art studios, gymn in 1978 Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 22
Bates Hall Science lab photo from 1930s Sarah Lawrence Spring 2004 32
Bates Hall Renovations and fundraising efforts (photo) Sarah Lawrence Autumn 2005 3
Bates Hall Renovation project (photo) Sarah Lawrence Winter 2005 8