Bernice Green ’69 and Laurie Nadel ’69

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Bernice Green ’69 quoted classmate Laurie Nadel ’69 in the April 13th issue of Our Time Press. Nadel said, “Artists are our canaries in the coal mine.  The president’s decision to cut funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the Humanities should remind us that dictators are threatened by artists and writers.  It is an ominous sign. After the military seized power in Chile after President Salvador Allende’s assassination in 1973, soldiers raided artists’ homes and burned ‘Cubism’ because they thought it referred to Castro’s Cuba and ‘Revolution in the Arts.’  In the present climate, art challenges us to face our fears and get stronger.” Green and Nadel came to Sarah Lawrence from Brooklyn's Midwood High School where they met in 1963.