Jenn Woodward ’99

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Jenn Woodward ’99, co-founder of the papermaking studio Pulp & Deckle, is pleased to announce an upcoming exhibition she helped establish and operates. Organic Encounters, running from September 30 to November 12 at c3:initiative (7326 N Chicago Ave. Portland, OR), presents work from the 2015–2016 c3:initiative and Pulp & Deckle Papermaking Residency artists Ellen George, Laura Foster, Tyler Peterson, and Ryan Woodring. Each artist utilized handmade paper as a medium to create new works that present ideas central to their art practice. The artists experimented with a variety of woodfree materials (including abaca, cotton rag, natural dyes, and locally sourced plants and vegetables) to create bodies of work concerned with paper's pliable nature and capacity for layering. Organic Encounters considers the transformation of material to propel the medium of paper beyond its familiar use as a substrate. The process of papermaking is one of both strategic intent and material intuition. With no rigidity in process but an inventive appreciation for materialist ideals, Organic Encounters brings together disparate works that are sculptural in form but conceptual in methodology. The results present themselves as commentary on the natural world, the unstable value of objects, the mutability of biological forms, and notions of memory that are dually fluid and tangible. An artists' walkthrough is to follow on October 26th.