Sarah Rose Nordgren ’04

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Smart Snow, a collaboration between dance and media artist Kathleen Kelley and poet Sarah Rose Nordgren ’04, in partnership with The Vanderbilt Republic, is pleased to present their full-scale video and performance installation, Digitized Figures, during October 14-16 and October 21-23 at Gowanus Loft (61 9th Street C8, Brooklyn). Digitized Figures is an immersive installation that incorporates video projections, text, and live dance to conjure a richly textured and fluctuating landscape. The installation elements surround and interact with the viewer, inviting them to play in and co-create the performance environment. “Digitized Figures will be a totally immersive experience that the audience roams through, interacting with the text, the projections, and the dancers. It is completely unique in the way it incorporates poetry, performance, and technology to create a magical new world. You can support our production costs by contributing to ourKickstarter campaign, and purchase tickets through Eventbrite (search for Digitized Figures). Tickets are $20 with student, child, and senior discounts available.”