Ask a Current Student

We know there are innumerable factors to consider when choosing a college, and sometimes the endless Internet searches don’t yield exactly what you’re looking for. At Sarah Lawrence, we believe this should be a humanistic process – so connect with a real human who’s been in your shoes. Every one of the current students below is happy to honestly answer your questions, and act as a resource for you as you decide if SLC is the right fit for you. When you click on a student’s name, you’ll be directed to your portal to securely send in your question. You can expect a response in about 48 hours.

Sammi Schachter

Portrait of Sammi Schachter

Hometown: Ocean City, MD

Concentrations: Film, French, Theatre

Extracurriculars: Students for Elizabeth Warren, Study Abroad Paris and London Theatre Tour, Melancholy Players

Sarah Doh

Portrait of Sarah Doh

Hometown: Chicago, IL

Concentrations: Theatre, Film, Writing

Extracurriculars: Kula, Theatre, The Office of Community Partnerships

Delphine Griffith

Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

Concentrations: Environmental Studies and Music

Extracurriculars: Co-chair of Outdoor Adventure Club and Green Rights Organization for the World (GROW), French Language Assistant, Experimental Improv music ensemble, Center for the Urban River Eel counter and enthusiast

Emma Hochfelder

Portrait of Emma Hochfelder

Hometown: Harlan, IA

Concentrations: Incarceration, Sociology

Extracurriculars: Student Senate, Right to Write, SLC Refugee & Immigrant Family Program, Peer Mentor Program, Southern Africa Study Abroad, Diane Leslie Committee, various legal and prison reform internships

Jordan Foster

Portrait of Jordan Foster

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

Concentrations: Psychology and Neuroscience

Extracurriculars: Co-chair QPOC, Resident Advisor, Senior class co-president, Harambee, Oxford Exchange Program, Tutoring, Research Assistant

Josie Pierce

Portrait of Josie Pierce

Hometown: Portland, ME

Concentrations: Creative writing and cultural studies

Extracurriculars: America Reads, Community Partnerships, on campus publications (editor for Love and Squalor), clubs (frisbee, squash, ASL), Oxford Exchange Program

Kaitie Dilan

Portrait of Kaitie Dilan

Hometown: Tolland, CT

Concentrations: Film Production, Creative Writing, and Film History

Extracurriculars: Martial Arts Club, Athletics, Technical Film Department, Study Abroad, Sound Booth Operator, Poster Symposium Guest Judge

Mia Jimenez

Portrait of Mia Jimenez

Hometown: Naperville, IL

Concentrations: Writing and Public Policy

Extracurriculars: Ember Collective, UNIDAD, Over the Rainbow (publication)

Michaela Lunz

Portrait of Michaela Lunz

Hometown: Pelham, NY

Concentrations: Art History, Psychology, theater

Extracurriculars: Theater Department

Nicole Mngodo

Portrait of Nicole Mngodo

Hometown: Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania

Concentrations: Global Governance, Political Economy/Ecology, Human Rights, Africana Studies

Extracurriculars: Common Ground Space Manager, Harambee co-chair, Politics Research Assistant

Bele Edeoga

Hometown: Jos, Nigeria

Concentrations: Politics, Economic Theories and Chinese

Extracurriculars: Gryphon Capital Management, Harambe, Senior Gift Committee, Common Ground Space Manager

Claire Marieb

Portrait of Claire Marieb

Hometown: Portland, OR

Concentrations: Theatre, History, and Spanish

Extracurriculars: Theatre Education, Latin American Studies, and History

Sarah Klein

Portrait of Sarah Klein

Hometown: Locust, NJ

Concentrations: Global Inequalities, Economics of Developing Countries, Public Policy, international law, marketing, creative writing

Extracurriculars: Student Government, Admissions, Swim Team, Peer Mentor, Hillel,

Yinying Wang

Portrait of Yinying Wang

Hometown: Shanghai, China

Concentrations: Psychology

Extracurriculars: Women's Baksetball Team

Hazel Pritchard

Portrait of Hazel Pritchard

Hometown: Milwaukee, WI

Concentrations: English Literature

Extracurriculars: Love and Squalor (alt. lit. publication)

Hallie Riddick

Portrait of Hallie Riddick

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Concentrations: Theatre, Literature, and History

Extracurriculars: Women’s Shakespeare and seeing theater in the city

Evan Suzuki

Portrait of Evan Suzuki

Hometown: Whidbey Island, WA

Concentrations: Dance, Theatre, Literature, Cultural History

Extracurriculars: Student dance and theatre (director, choreographer, costume designer, performer); Student Senate (Senior Class Co-President); artistic, marketing, and management theatre internships; summer directing/playwriting program in Umbria, Italy

Breanna Steggell

Portrait of Breanna Steggell

Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

Concentrations: Public Policy, International Relations, Migration Studies

Extracurriculars: Student member of the Consortium of Forced Migration, Displacement, and Education, involved in Office of Community Partnerships, Malaysia summer study abroad

Dan Smyth-Temple

Portrait of Dan Smyth-Temple

Hometown: Waterbury, CT

Concentrations: Film, Writing, Environmental Studies

Extracurriculars: Ultimate Frisbee, Naked Shakespeare Club, Theater