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10 Great Conference Work Titles

Simply put, the conference work done by SLC students is amazing. Here are some of our favorite conference project titles from the past few years.

  1. The Evolution of Profanity: How Swearwords Came to Be and How They Are Perceived Today
    English: History of a Language | Ann Lauinger
    Erin Bailey ’12
  2. An Experiment in Biorobotics: The Crocobot
    Introduction to Mechanics and Introduction to Electromagnetism, Light, and Modern Physics | Scott Calvin and Daniel Johnson
    Kirin Emlet Furst ’10
  3. Agatha Christie’s Arsenal—Poisons Most Potent: A Biochemical Analysis of the Mechanisms by which Poisons Kill
    General Chemistry and General Biology | Todd Tippetts and Raymond Clarke
    Jesse Gelles-Hurwitz ’11
  4. The Evolution of Mariachis
    Studies in Music and Culture | Jonathan King
    Sophia Jimenez ’12
  5. Sex with the Hero: The Twisted Portrayal of Women in the James Bond Series
    First-Year Studies: Philosophy and Film | Roy Brand
    Clara Dennis ’12
  6. Smart Drugs: The Ability to Buy Brainpower
    Cell Biology | Drew Cressman
    Kady Goldlist ’11
  7. Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven: Goddess of New York Dada, Grandmother of Performance Art, and the Proverbial Proto-Martyr of Punk
    Dada and Surrealism | Judith Rodenbeck
    Naomi Kaye ’09
  8. The Plague of Coral Diseases
    Oceans in Peril | Raymond Clarke
    Catherine Griffin ’11
  9. Vulcanalia: A Contextual and Theoretical Investigation of Star Trek’s Famous Species
    The Feeling Brain | Elizabeth Johnston and Leah Olson
    Jean Flint ’10
  10. Inventing the Ultimate Cell Biology Board Game
    Cell Biology | Drew Cressman
    Emily Yuan Shuan Lin ’09

Conference Work Explained

Associate Dean Mary Porter and a panel of SLC students answer the question, "What is conference work?"