79 Things to Do Before Leaving SLC

We know you're just getting to Sarah Lawrence, but to make sure you're fully prepared we asked current students about the most essential places to go and things to do while here. Here's their list of musts—you've got four years to check 'em off your list!

  1. Spend an afternoon studying on a blanket in the courtyard behind Andrew’s House. It’s easily the most beautiful place on campus.
  2. Walk barefooted.
  3. Take a class in something you never, ever thought you’d be interested in.
  4. Sit with someone you don’t know at Bates.
  5. Stay at SLC for Thanksgiving and go to the Macy's parade in NYC. Then make a HUGE dinner (should be done with friends).
  6. NapNap in the Pillow Room.
  7. Become friends with your professors.
  8. Sit on the hot rock behind Dudley Lawrence.*
    *The concrete landing over the building’s steam pipes is a popular hangout spot, especially during winter.
  9. Go to Midnight Cabaret; it’s a one-of-a-kind theatrical performance every single week. It’s a workshop show, so not everything’s great, but everything is fresh and new, and it’s literally never the same.
  10. Go swinging on the swing set in the middle of the night.
  11. Be a van driver. You get to take tons of different groups to different places, and sometimes you get to do the things that they are doing.
  12. Hug the school mascot.
  13. Get familiar with the Bee-line bus system. Getty Square in Yonkers is full of great bakeries, restaurants, and small fruit and vegetable markets with cheap prices. Taking the bus to the Central Avenue stores is great as well, since there are a bunch of places to shop and a Barnes & Noble for studying and free wifi.
  14. Go sledding down the hill with Bates trays.*
    *Bates is now a tray-less facility (to save water), but we’re sure you can find a way to improvise.
  15. Study abroad.
  16. Take a math class, no matter how terrified you are of math. Our math faculty is fantastic, and you might learn something.
  17. Climb to the top of Marshall Field Music Building.*
    *Campus security officers would prefer that you refrain from scaling buildings, on campus or otherwise.
  18. Join a sports team.
  19. SmileSmile at someone you aren’t already friends with.
  20. Bring cookies or other snacks to strangers in the library during conference week.
  21. Apply to be an RA.
  22. Get free coffee from Slave to the Grind in Bronxville.*
    *We recommend either getting a 10-cup reward card or wooing your barista.
  23. Eat fiddleheads from behind Heimbold in the spring, and in the fall eat Concord grapes from the vine behind Andrews while you wait for class.
  24. Play pool in the Black Squirrel.
  25. Get to know at least one security officer and one food service worker.
  26. Take a poetry class.
  27. Test out the acoustical anomaly on the steps from Bates to the Science Center. If you stand at just the right spot on the landing, your voice will be bizarrely magnified.
  28. Get pizza at the Cross County Mall.
  29. Perform. Music, dance, theatre, poetry, live painting—it doesn’t matter; get out there and show your friends what you’ve got.
  30. See your don as often as you can.
  31. Go to the Office of Community Partnerships and find a local volunteer position. You’re guaranteed a rewarding and fun experience that’ll add a lot to your life.
  32. Get a mistake Pub order.*
    *The Siegel Center serves 700 meals a day on average. A couple of them are bound to be mix-ups.
  33. Play Capture the Flag all over campus.
  34. Read a book while sitting on the sculpture in front of the bookstore.
  35. KiteFly a kite off the hill behind the music building.
  36. Attempt an independent study.
  37. Walk in the woods around Slonim.
  38. Ask a library employee to show you the “Yoko Ono Smile” from the glassed-in collection in the back. Yoko Ono donated it to the school in 1971.*
    *“A Box of Smile” is a small white plastic box. When you open it, there is a mirror on the bottom. 
  39. Take part in the SLC community in any way that you can. Be active, maybe run for senate or write for the paper.
  40. Climb the tree in front of the Pub.
  41. Play Ultimate Frisbee at night.
  42. Take a shower in the giant upstairs bathroom of Marshall Field.
  43. Plan an event at Sarah Lawrence.
  44. Swipe into Bates, bring your study materials, and just stay there all day, eating.
  45. Stargaze from the softball field.
  46. Try a new instrument. Start a band. Perform on campus!
  47. Take the risk of being late for class so you can get ice cream from the Mr. Softee truck.
  48. Go to Midnight Breakfast!
  49. Just before Christmas break, attend an all-night reading of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe in the Teahaus. Drink hot chocolate, sit by a fire, and get lost in Narnia.
  50. Break a rule—just a little one!
  51. Hang out in Heimbold after midnight.
  52. Get a job.
  53. Take a nap in the triangle in the North Lawn on a sunny day.
  54. Read Harry Potter in bed on a Saturday night.
  55. StreakersStreak at least once.
  56. Dance in the circle of flower petals at midnight during spring semester conference week.
  57. Take a class in something you’ve never done before.
  58. Have dinner with a professor.
  59. Grasp the truth of reality.
  60. Paint yourself during Bacchanalia.
  61. Take the train to NEW YORK CITY and...
  62. Explore. It’s such a wonderful city, full of history, culture, diversity, and love.
  63. Go to as many museums as you can.
  64. Climb on the Alice in Wonderland sculpture in Central Park.
  65. Watch a Broadway play.
  66. Party on a rooftop in Brooklyn with a good view at night.
  67. Go to the Union Square farmer’s market.
  68. Go to the Bronx Zoo.
  69. Go to Flushing for Xiao-Long Bao and kimchi.*
    *A Chinese dumpling with hot soup inside, and the Korean fermented cabbage dish, respectively.
  70. Go to Jackson Heights for some curry or a carnitas taco.
  71. Go to Coney Island before the season starts and see the ocean.
  72. Walk along the High Line park.
  73. Gay prideGo to the Gay Pride parade.
  74. Get on the Queens-bound 7 after getting off Metro-North and see what happens.
  75. Hit up some karaoke bars, then head down to Battery Park and hang out by the water (when it’s warm, of course).
  76. Explore the Bronx.
  77. Spend some time at the New York Public Library. It’s an amazing resource and totally gorgeous.
  78. Go to Katz’s Deli.
  79. All students need at least one night in the city that goes so late they have to take the first train of the morning.

79 Things to do Before Leaving SLC