Ask a Current Student

We know there are too many factors to list when considering colleges, and sometimes the endless Internet searches don’t yield exactly what you’re looking for. At Sarah Lawrence, we believe this should be a humanistic process – so connect with a real human who’s been in your shoes. Every one of the current students below is happy to honestly answer your questions, and act as a resource for you as you decide if SLC is the right fit for you. When you click on a student’s name, you’ll be directed to your portal to securely send in your question. You can expect a response in about 48 hours.

Ryan Arecco

Pronouns: He / him / his
Hometown: Croton-on-Hudson, NY
Concentrations: Film, History, and Politics
Extracurriculars: Junior Class Prez, Bronxville Rotaract Club

Bibi Ba’th

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Suitland, Maryland
Concentrations: Musical Theater, Literature, Psychology
Extracurriculars: Women’s Basketball, Harambee, DEI Athletics Committee

Shea Baumgarner

Pronouns: They / them / theirs
Hometown: New Milford, CT
Concentrations: Politics, International Relations, and Studio Art
Extracurriculars: Vice Chair Student Senate, Executive Editor Visual Art Review, and Pre-Law

Bella Biane

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Concentrations: Environmental Studies
Extracurriculars: WSLC radio General Manager andWomen's tennis

Parker Bracken

Pronouns: He / him / his
Hometown: South Portland, ME
Concentrations: History & Filmmaking
Extracurriculars: Writing, directing, acting in, DPing, and/or producing student productions

Ariana Brenig

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Takoma Park, MD
Concentrations: Religion, Anthropology, Women’s Studies

Aiden Chalfonte

Pronouns: He / him / his
Hometown: Pittsfield, Massachusetts
Concentrations: Theater, Literature, Philosophy
Extracurriculars: Half-Naked Shakespeare, Democracy Matters

Cooper Clements

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Concentrations: Psychology, History, Journalism, and Law
Extracurriculars: Ultimate Frisbee, Tour Guide

Chloe Cohen

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Concentrations: Pre-health
Extracurriculars: Women's tennis, Women's swimming, and Resident Advisor

Kansas Gibler

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Concentrations: Political Economy & Urban Planning
Extracurriculars: Political Organizing (off campus), ResLife

Jane Joncha

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Concentrations: Pre-Health/Pre-Med
Extracurriculars:  American Chemical Society, Ski and Snowboard Club, Pre-Health Alliance, Women’s Volleyball

Tinder Kiely

Pronouns: He / him / his
Hometown: Addison, VT
Concentrations: Journalism & Mandarin
Extracurriculars: Men’s Varsity Soccer, Rock climbing club

Lindsey Madden

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Deep River, Connecticut
Concentrations: Psychology, Art History
Extracurriculars: Happy Accidents Craft Club, Planned Parenthood Generation

AJ McCormick

Pronouns: They / them / theirs
Hometown: Wilbraham, MA
Concentrations: Political Science & psychology
Extracurriculars: Dance club, book club, president of Hillel

Saoirse Nolan

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Wakefield, MA
Concentrations: Biology, Music, and Pre-Med
Extracurriculars: Pre-Health Alliance, Stemming Womxn, and Board Game Club

Kiernan Robinson

Pronouns: He / him
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Concentrations: Music, History, and Religion
Extracurriculars: Sarah Lawrence Political Review, a DJ and radio host for WSLC, and Comic Book Club

Jania Sanders

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Bronx, NY
Concentrations: Theatre, Screenwriting, Music (Jazz)
Extracurriculars: Theatre, Student of Color Alliance, Jazz Colloquium

Jane Scheiber

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Lyme, Connecticut
Concentrations: Literature, Writing
Extracurriculars: SLC Review, Love and Squalor

Michael Scuotto

Pronouns: Him / his, they / them
Hometown: Easton, PA
Concentrations: Theatre, Music, and Literature
Extracurriculars: WSLC DJ & Theatre Productions


Katy Snair

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Bohemia, Long Island, NY
Concentrations: Theater, History
Extracurriculars: Yoga Collective

Sinbay Tan

Pronouns: She / her / hers
Hometown: Queens, NY
Concentrations: History, Writing, and Literature
Extracurriculars: SLC Asia Summit

Alesha Cid Vega

Pronouns: She / hers
Hometown: Madrid, Spain
Concentrations: Performing Arts, International Studies, Women's Studies & Psychology on The Pre-Law Track