What to Expect During a High School Visit




Every year, admission counselors from Sarah Lawrence College visit high schools around the globe to meet with students and high school college counselors—2020 is no exception, though our travel plans look a bit different this year, with an emphasis on virtual visits to prioritize the safety of our admission counselors and the high school communities we serve. If you’ve never been to a college visit at your high school before, this page is intended to give you a glimpse of what one might be like. We can’t wait to meet you!

How is a virtual visit different than a traditional in-person visit?

They’re truthfully not that different! You’ll still have the chance to speak with an admission rep in a small group setting, hear the Sarah Lawrence story, and ask your questions. As a bonus, virtual visits do allow us to occasionally bring along current SLC students for you to hear from!

What happens at a high school visit?

When a Sarah Lawrence rep visits your high school, we’re there to get to know you and your school, and vice versa. Every counselor will run their visit a little differently, but expect to hear a broad overview of the academic program and key facts, with time for your questions. Our high school visits are often on the smaller side, so the visit can often be tailored to your interests. 

What kinds of questions should I ask?

You can ask us pretty much anything about academics and life at SLC, but it’s always great to get questions about things you can’t easily find online. Whether you want to learn more about the broad benefits of an open curriculum, or debate the best coffee in Bronxville, admission counselors are there to act as a resource for you.

Since it’s often helpful to go into any college rep visit with a few questions in mind, here are a few to help you get started thinking of your own:

  • What’s unique about SLC?
  • What do students do in the evenings? On the weekends?
  • What’s advising like? Will my professors know my name?
  • Do students take advantage of being so close to New York City? How so?
  • What do most students do after graduation?
  • What makes someone a good fit for SLC?

What if I don’t know anything about Sarah Lawrence?

That’s okay! We’re experts at relaying our story, and are excited to share it with you, whether you’ve been poring over our viewbook since you were a freshman or you’re tagging along with a friend and learning about us for the first time.

Is a high school visit an interview?

Nope! But you do have the opportunity to do an optional interview with us.

Will going to a high school visit improve my chances of getting into SLC?

Yes and no—we don’t penalize anyone who isn’t able to attend a visit (life and midterms happen, and we get it) though students who have touch points with the admissions office prior to applying are often able to strongly convey their fit for Sarah Lawrence in their application. If you aren’t able to attend a high school visit, there are plenty of opportunities to connect with us through virtual information sessions, tours, videos, and more. Know that there are plenty of students who don’t do any of those things and are still admitted!

What if I can’t make it?

There are so many ways to keep up with us: virtual information sessions and tours, following @SarahLawrenceCollege on Instagram, interview your senior year, or simply reach out with questions to our office.

Do I need to bring anything?

Not really! Some students bring a list of questions and something to take notes with, but we aren’t expecting you to bring anything with you.