Applying to Sarah Lawrence




Sarah Lawrence College students are more than numbers, grades, ranks, or scores. They make up a community of learners committed to and passionate about intellectual and creative growth and innovation. For that reason, our counselors are committed to a holistic application review process.

Sarah Lawrence does not have a formula for an ideal student. Our applicants and students come from around the United States and the world and bring with them a range of interests and perspectives as diverse as their backgrounds. Whether scientists, intellectuals, artists, scholars, or writers, all Sarah Lawrence students are creative, critical thinkers and seek innovation in their chosen fields.

Rather than requiring students to choose one area of study, the College encourages students to study across disciplines to both explore and combine their multiple interests. We welcome first-year applicants and transfer students from within the United States and abroad.

Sarah Lawrence College reads and reviews every application comprehensively in order to enroll a student body representative of as many backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives as possible. Every year, we admit and enroll students of all citizenship statuses. In the interest of making a Sarah Lawrence education possible for any student from any background, we draw from a variety of sources to award financial aid. For students who are admitted to the College, we provide financial aid through packages individually tailored to each family’s financial situation—regardless of background or citizenship.

Please use the links below to learn more about applying to Sarah Lawrence. We are excited to learn more about you!

Sarah Lawrence Is Test Optional

We are committed to a holistic review process and believe outstanding essays—coupled with solid secondary school transcripts—form the best foundation for a Sarah Lawrence education. Recommendation letters from your counselor and teachers, your activities and interests, and any optional materials you choose to submit (like standardized test scores or examples of creative work) provide important insight into the academic and personal contributions you could make to our remarkable college. Whether you decide to submit your SAT or ACT scores is entirely up to you. Along with your transcript, your test scores may provide additional evidence of your academic achievements and potential. If you think your test scores accurately reflect your academic strengths, go ahead and submit them! We’ll happily consider your scores with the rest of your application.

That said, every student is different, and we know standardized tests are not always the best predictor of academic success in college. If you decide not to submit your test scores, you will not, in any way, diminish your application.