President Lawrence's Media Citations

Cost of a College Education

In a letter to the editor of The New York Times, President Karen Lawrence praises tools like the Net Price Calculator, which helps families assess the value and affordability of colleges, in response to a February 26 editorial entitled, "Comparison Shopping for College Tuition."
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The Artist and Disruptive Technology in Art and Education

In a March 5, 2012 blog post on, President Karen Lawrence discusses the film The Artist as a parable of the disruptive effects of technology facing arts and education today.
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At Sadie Lou, Bucking Stereotypes

In an August 5, 2011 profile on WestFair Online, President Karen Lawrence discusses the importance of a liberal arts education, stating that “what CEOs are looking for are people who can think…. We’re preparing students for careers that didn’t exist 10 years ago.”
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The Teaching vs. Research Debate at Our Universities

In a July 28, 2011 Letter to the Editor in The Wall Street Journal, President Karen Lawrence dismisses the notion that tenure decisions are based solely on research and publication, rather than on classroom teaching.
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Why We're No. 1

In an April 14, 2011 Inside Higher Ed essay titled, "Why We're No. 1," President Karen Lawrence discusses the customized, "handcrafted" nature of a Sarah Lawrence education, the impact that has on the cost of attending the College, and the transformative results it affords alumni well beyond graduation.
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The Next Joyce Century: Still Fearing and Loving Ulysses

On April 14, 2011, President Karen Lawrence participated in a panel discussion at Bowdoin College titled, "The Next Joyce Century: Still Fearing and Loving Ulysses." In her talk, "Something Old, Something New," President Lawrence reflected on how old Joyce manuscripts are "bringing new life" to current studies on his works.
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Madam Presidents

The April issue of Westchester Magazine profiles President Karen Lawrence, one of four female presidents leading an institution of higher education in Westchester County.
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Cuba as a Learning Lab: Perspectives from Sarah Lawrence College’s 10-Year Study Abroad Program

In a February 24, 2011 Huffington Post blog post titled, "Cuba as a Learning Lab: Perspectives from Sarah Lawrence College’s 10-Year Study Abroad Program," President Lawrence discusses the easing of restrictions on American travel to Cuba and on people-to-people exchanges—a move from which, she states, both countries stand to benefit. Lawrence cites SLC's study abroad program in Cuba, celebrating its 10th anniversary, as an example of the "rich, often transformative experience" that can come as a result of these eased restrictions.
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The Cost of Getting Higher Education into Shape

On February 24, 2011, President Lawrence was featured as a guest writer in College Inc., Daniel de Vise’s blog. President Lawrence’s post, titled “The Cost of Getting Higher Education into Shape,” came as a response to a February 20 Washington Post Magazine article by de Vise titled “Eight Ways to Get Higher Education into Shape.”
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Who's Afraid of James Joyce? reviewed favorably by The Times Literary Supplement

Karen Lawrence’s recent book Who’s Afraid of James Joyce? was favorably reviewed by The Times Literary Supplement in early February 2011. In her review, Sarah Davison cites the impressive “standard of scholarship on display” in the book, which takes its name from a seminar taught at SLC by President Lawrence. (external link expired)

The Cost of College: Weighing Expense with Value

In a January 10, 2011 Huffington Post blog entry titled "The Cost of College: Weighing Expense With Value," President Lawrence discussed the question that's often left unanswered in news stories about the cost of attending Sarah Lawrence: what value does that cost provide?
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The Value of a Sarah Lawrence Education

As part of its Price of Admission series, CNBC presented a video on January 4, 2011 on the benefits of a Sarah Lawrence education. The video features President Karen Lawrence and Vice President of Administration Tom Blum.
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The Truth About Sarah Lawrence

In a November 15, 2010 Huffington Post article titled "The Truth about Sarah Lawrence," President Karen Lawrence and Vice President Thomas Blum get to the heart of what differentiates a Sarah Lawrence education, speaking to the "intensive 1:1 instruction" that is the hallmark of the school’s pedagogy.
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Media Inquiries

Members of the media seeking more information about or from President Karen Lawrence or Sarah Lawrence College should contact Judith Schwartzstein, Director of Media & Community Relations, at (914) 395-2219.